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The mission of Yax Te' is to produce and disseminate books and other materials that serve educational, cultural, and preservation goals related to Mayan culture. Yax Te' publishes in Spanish, English, and Mayan languages. We focus on works by contemporary Maya writers and on materials that enhance the understanding of those works. We also distribute materials about Mayan languages and linguistics.

Besides books, Yax Te' produces and distributes CDs, videos, curriculum materials and lesson plans, and other classroom tools that explore the lives and culture of Mayas, past and present. We distribute the works of Maya artists, writers, photographers, and cultural activists.

Yax Te' supports the use of Mayan literary and cultural products in classrooms in the United States, in Mayan communities, and around the world. We provide services and training in the use of our products to promote literacy, cultural awareness, and global citizenship. Our proceeds support the production of new materials and the free distribution of materials to appropriate audiences.

Since Fall 2006, Yax Te’ has been a project of the Maya Educational Foundation (MEF), with which it shares the mission of education and dissemination of information about Mayan culture. The Maya Educational Foundation supports the production of some Yax Te’ materials, and receives tax deductible contributions in support of Yax Te’ activities.

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